Pigment & Dyestuff

Black Pigment Iron Oxide Black And Carbon Black
Pigment Iron Oxide Yellow
Basic Violet 16 CAS No.6359-49-1
Basic Blue 41 CAS No.12270-13-2
Iron Oxide Red For Paint
Basic Red 14 CAS No.12217-48-0
Basic Red 46 CAS No.12221-69-1
Vat Blue 20 CAS NO.116-71-2
Basic Yellow 28 CAS No.54060-92-3 | Dyestuffs
Lomon Titanium Dioxide Rutile R996 | Pigment
Vat Green 3 CAS No.3271-76-9
Basic Blue 159 CAS No.105953-73-9
Pigment Yellow 12
Basic Red 18 CAS No.14097-03-1
Dynasty Vat Dark Blue DB
LB Group Titanium Dioxyde R895 For Industry Coating
Naphthol AS-IRG
Direct Black 19
Lithopone White Crystal Powder | Pigment
Basic Blue 3 CAS No.4444-00-3 | Dyestuffs
Pigment Red 254(P.R 254)
Vat Brown 1 CAS No.2475-33-4
Vat Blue 4 CAS No.81-77-6
Acid blue 260
Pigment Red 8(P.R 8)
Direct Red 81
Vat Blue 66 CAS No.57456-24-3
Pigment Yellow 180
Pigment Red 122(P.R 122) | Dyestuffs
Acid Black 1 CAS No.1064-48-8 | Dyestuffs
5-Acetacetylamino-Benzimi-Dazolone(AABI) CAS NO.: 26576-46-5
Vat Black 25 CAS No.4395-53-3
Acid Orange 33
Pigment Violet 23(P.V 23)
Pigment Yellow 151
Naphthol AS-PH CAS NO.: 92-74-0
Pigment Orange 36 for paint and textile printing
Pigment Red 208 for plastics coating inks
Pigment Orange 62 for Paints Inks Plastics Pigment | Pigment

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