Petrochemical Products

KUNLUN Semi Refined Paraffin Wax 60-62 | Paraffin
Oleic acid amide CAS 301-02-0 Slip Agent
ParaSoy Professional Container Wax
Erucamide CAS 112-84-5 slip agent for PP PVC
Stearyl Erucamide with CAS10094-45-8
Pro Blend 600 Parasoy Paraffin Soy Wax
XS #56 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax
Sinopec Vinyl Acetate Monomer
Floating head type Fixed tube-sheet U-tube heat exchanger
The cooler cools the adiabatic air cooling system
Air - water heat exchanger of cooling unit
Custom made practical stainless storage tank
Boiler air preheater HD boiler with heat exchanger
Boiler Accessory Boiler Air Preheater
Automatic feeding reheating furnace for petrochemical
New Design Air To Water U-tube heat exchanger
Coal Gasifier Plant/Coal Gasifier for Re-heating Furnace
Steam Heating Or Heated Exchange Finned Tube Exchanger | Other Petrochemical Related Products
Excent Quality Steam Boiler Parts Superheater/Reheater | Other Petrochemical Related Products
Hot Selling Lubricating Oil 8# Hydraulic Transmission Oil
New design stainless steel storage tank buffer tank
100-150Tons Latest technology cracking equipment
Large scale hydrogen produce unit hydrogen gas machine
Multi-purpose Rail Lubricating Oils
carbon steel heat exchange spiral finned tube
Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluids
Precision Machine Tool L-HG Hydraulic Guide Rail Oil
Sell High Quality Blue Lithium Grease for Feeders | Lubricant
Lithium Base Grease Lubricant Bearing Lubrication | Lubricant
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil CH-4 SAE 20W-50
Pet Chips Making Many Types of Plastic Bottle
Lithium based greases with excellent oxidation stability
High Temperature Grease of The Bearing 0.8kg bucket
industrial silk pet resin for sale
fiber grade low-viscosity pet chips
Bottle-Grade PET Chips for Hot Beverage
Diesel Oil for on-Road Diesel Engines
Sold Wholesale All Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil | Lubricant

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