Biological Chemical Products

10 layer BioFactory™ Culture Chambers with tube | Biological Chemical Products
50ml Centrifuge Tubes with Pre-assembled tubes
6 Well Glass Bottom Cell Culture Plates
96-Well 0.1ml Semi Skirt PCR Plates
Multi-layer 5-layer Cell Culture Flask
2.0ml Internal Thread Cryogenic Vials
300ul Automation Conductive Tips for Brand H
2L High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask
Inactivation Transport Medium (ITM)
PC Memberane Cell Culture Inserts for 6-well plates | Biological Chemical Products
Mini BioReactor Tubes 50ml
4.0ml Cryogenic Vials With Barcode and 2D Matrix
125 mL PC Erlenmeyer Flasks Baffled Seal Cap
NEST Cell Scrapers sterile
5 Liter High Efficient Erlenmeyer Flask with tube
500mL PETG Square Storage Bottle with Tube
10L/20L PP Plastic Bottle Carboy
1000mL Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Flasks Flat Bottom
NEST Reusable/ Disposable Pen Injector for medication | Biological Chemical Products
Plastic 1.1ml boxed Single Cluster Tube | Biological Chemical Products
T150 TC U-Shaped Canted Cell Culture Flask Plug
60 units Plastic Reusable Pen Injector
Reusable Insulin Pen Injector Kit
10ul Universal Pipette Tip Box
60 units Disposable Pen Injector
High quality ABS plastic pellets
Highly molded ABS granules
PS with colorless transparent particles
High quality PP granular plastic material | Biological Chemical Products
High impact pc resin particles
white pc resin particles
High quality fully transparent ABS
High transparency ABS plastic raw material
High gloss ABS plastic raw material
Hard and transparent AS
High quality PC particles
Environmentally friendly PC particles

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