Lab Supplies

A4 Size Purification K12 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor | Other Lab Supplies
pipette tips
Vertical low-speed refrigerated centrifuge LC-06F(floor)
Cut Off Wheels Cut Off Wheels Manufacturers
Cut Edge Microscope Slides
96 deep well plate
Lab Mixer faucet Multipurpose
20ul universal pipette tips
oral saliva antigen test kit covid accuracy
Lab Single outlet faucet for school
Baybio Nucleic Acid DNA/RNA Automated Magnetic Extractor
grey blood collection tube
Lab Double outlet faucet grey cold water
Wall-mounted single outlet faucet
TGL-16LM Bench High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine
Vacuum Laboratory drying box DZF-6020/6050/6090/6210
OPT-380 Automatic Grinder and Polisher
Hot Mounting Press Consumables Penolic Edge Protection Resin | Laboratory Clamp
Cup sink lab Fume with Hood | Other Lab Supplies
Triple outlet faucets and taps
High Quality Factory Sale biochemical Incubator SPX-50B
Medical Laboratory Supplies Multichannel Lab Pipette Controller
RE-501 rotary evaporator distillation
Precision Constant Temperature Cycle Water Bath WH-4C/6C/60C
Metallographic Abrasive Cuter Specimen Preparation Cutting
magnetic stirrer and follower
Eppendorf pipette holder wall mounting
Custom borosilicate glass reactor system | Lab Supplies
Drying box incubator PPH-030A/050A/070A/140A/240A | Laboratory Thermostatic Devices
CGF/PRP/PRF serum variable speed centrifuge LC-04P-L
Cutting Coolant Manufacturers metallographic cutter
Clear 1000ml PP Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle
fast result flu a and b test kit organic chemistry
Special centrifuge for blood bank LC-04K
BETA400 Industrial cutting machines
Double outlet water laboratory faucet
home drug testing kits urine
Laboratory electric thermostat DNP-9025A/9030A/9052A/9082A | Laboratory Thermostatic Devices

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