Non-nitrosamines Ultrafast Rubber Accelerator ZBEC-70

N-nitrosamines Free Ultrsfast Dithiocarbamates Accelerator ZBEC-70 Environment friendly rubber additives ZBEC Pre-dispersed Rubber Accelerator ZBEC ZBEC-70 CAS NO 14726-36-4 1.Product Composition: Approx. 70 wt% Zinc dibenzyl dithiocarbamate (ZBEC/DBZ) CAS No.: 14726-36-4 EINECS No.: 238-778-0 Approx. 30 wt% polymer binder and dispersing agent 2. Application: Ultra accelerator for the vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubbers, esp. for EPDM continuous vulcanization. 3. Specification: PRODUCT Active Content (%) Color Filtration (microns) Binder Mooney ML (1+4) 50℃ Density (g/cm3) Actmix ZBEC-70GE F140 70 White 140 EPDM/EVM 50 1.22 *Other binders, such as NBR, SB…

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