Silica White Powder Used For Textile Coating

Description Silica matting agent is a type of additive used in the industrial coating process to achieve a matte or semi-matte  finish on the surface of various products. This agent is primarily composed of silica, a naturally occurring mineral  that is known for its ability to diffuse light and reduce glossiness. The matting agent works by creating a roughened surface on the top layer of the coating, scattering light in multiple  directions and thus reducing the shiny appearance. The degree of matting can be controlled by the amount of agent  added during the coating process. Characters 1.Good incorporation and dispersion properties, outstanding rigidity. Advanced rubbing technology makes narrower distribution of diameter of granules, so that matting agent can be easily added in any production procedure and can be easily dispersed, which  saves the processing time. 2. Excellent transparency. To increase…

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