Natural and Synthetic Rubber Vulcanizator S-80 Sulfur

Actmix Natural and Synthetic Rubber Vulcanizator S-80 Sulfur Rubber Vulcanizing Agent  Polymer bound Sulfur masterbatch  Excellent dispersion rubber curing agent  Sulfur Chemical Formula: S8 M.W.: 256.52 CAS: 7704-34-9 EINECS: 231-722-6 PROPERTIES: Sulfur is a vulcanizing agent for natural and dialkene synthetic rubber while it is difficult for traditional sulfur powders to disperse in rubber homogeneously. It is extremely important for light- colored rubber products to use Actmix®S-80 due to excellent dispersity to avoid brown-spot appearance and minimize the defects of vulcanizates. DOSAGE: 0.2-4phr, depending on different use and features. APPLICATIONS: Rubber products exposed to dynamic stress; kinds of soft rubber compounds, sulfur-flawless light-colored rubber compounds. TYPICAL VALUES: Melting point: 114℃ Purity: Min 99.5% Ash content: Max 0.2% Heating loss content: Max 0.3% 63μm sieve residue: Max 0.5%…

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