Ammonium tungstate white powder

The particle size of the tungsten powder reduced by tungsten trioxide for the first time is not uniform, the tungsten powder with coarse particles is more, and the tungsten powder with fine particles is very little. This is consistent with the conclusion reported in the literature that tungsten trioxide is suitable for preparing coarse-grained tungsten powder. The tungsten trioxide obtained by calcining ultra-pure ammonium tungstate in air is reduced to the particle size distribution of tungsten powder. The specific surface area of this tungsten powder was measured to be 0.216m2/g. The particle size of tungsten powder is 89.19% between 2 and 9 μm, 3.76% between 1 and 2 μm, and 7.05% between 9 and 13 μm. The particle size of the obtained tungsten powder is relatively coarse, and the particle size distribution of the tungsten powder is wider, which is consistent with the SEM detection results Company Profile Jiangsu Leiji Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of s…

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