Pu Hot Melt Adhesive

PU glue Product introduction: PU glue, also known as bottom glue, forming glue, also known as white glue, chemical name is polyurethane resin, is a kind of two-component adhesive prepolymerized by resin and emulsion.It is a kind of wood glue, and it is also a water based adhesive Application range: Epoxy resin adhesives are widely used and can bond various metals and alloys, ceramics, glass, wood, cardboard, plastic, concrete, stone, bamboo and other non-metallic materials. Epoxy resin glue can also be used for casting, sealing, caulking, plugging, anti-corrosion, insulation, conduction, fixing, reinforcement, repair, etc.PU materials are widely used in thermal insulation materials, synthetic leather, aerospace materials, shoe materials, and PU glue can be used for bonding of PU cooperation materials such as PVC, TPR, rubber, nylon cloth, ABS, and synthetic leather. Glue For Wooden Door Product advantages: PU glue has excellent adhesion f…

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