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Our company is a professional hosiery decoration manufacturer, and around the world famous socks in the high-end brand has a stable cooperative relationship. Strict product quality system, in line with all kinds of international standards (such as: Oeko-Tex). The products have been exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe (Netherlands), India, Australia, etc., and are also favored by consumers in China. Our aim is: quality, service, speed, price. Over the years, we have been able to fully respond to high-quality, multi-variety and small-batch differentiated cooperation. We also take an active part in the development of functional differentiated raw materials, and have deep cooperation with professional raw material suppliers in China and Japan, and also form a perfect raw material development system for socks. At the same time, we have design teams in China and Japan, which can make recommendations on demand. We are making socks with ingenuity.

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