IBR Corrugated Tile Ridge Cap Machine

Ridge Cap Forming Machine for Guinea. The speed of Roof Ridge Cap Making Machine will up to 15m/min. This type Ridge Capping Machine used with Corrugated Roll Forming Machine or Trapezoidal Tile Roll Forming Machine. If you need other profile Cap Forming Machine,pls contact us. XF Ridge Cap Forming Machine   Quick Detail 1.Suitable to process:Color steel plate 2.Width of the plate: 370 mm 3.Rollers:16 rows  4.Dimensions:7*1*1.4 m 5.Power:4+4 kw 6.Thickness of the plate: 0.3-0.8 mm 7.Productivity: 8-15 m/min 8.Diameter of the roller:Φ70 mm 9.Weight:About 3 T 10.Voltage: 380 V 50 Hz 3 phases 11.Material of the cutting plate: Cr 12 12.Hydraulic:45# 13.Processing precision:Within 1.00 mm 14.Control system: PLC control Manual Uncoiler: Usage: It i…

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